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  • Bar One Baked Cheesecake

    Bar One Baked Cheesecake

    I started my career working at a leading law firm which had an in-house restaurant with an amazing pastry chef. Don’t get me wrong, I also worked with incredibly talented professionals from whom I learnt a ton. But the personal highlight of my legal career was the AMAZING cheesecake the pastry chef would make every…

  • Marbled Fudgey Brownies

    Marbled Fudgey Brownies

    Being an extrovert stuck at home ALL THE TIME with no traveling plans or Bumble/Hinge boyfriend was really a special kind of hell. My go to, to ease the pain of only having virtual friends and plans, is baking. My family has been subjected to a myriad of baked goods but my Mum’s famous brownies…